Austin Diaz

Austin Diaz is a new and ambitious addition to the team, who makes sure the whole campus is in the loop. As a native New Yorker, Austin loves the Mets, watches Barney, and plays Jazz guitar in his free time.

Will DeSantis

Will is a current freshman at Vanderbilt. He's a sports fanatic and loves any team out of Boston, including the Red Sox, the Celtics, and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He's friendly and docile, so if you see him on campus go up and introduce yourself! Or pull a true power move and introduce him to Taylor Swift.

Carmen Camp

Carmen is a Computer Science major and chef extraordinaire.  If not running around Nashville, she can be found surfing, hiking, or swing dancing, often at the same time.

Alex Morse

Morse is a militant New Yorker who will likely never be satisfied living anywhere else. In his free time he loves playing basketball with friends and exploring Nashville's dining scene. Follow him on Instagram @a.morse, and follow Justin Bieber @justinbieber.

DooHee Lee

Born and raised thoroughbred in Dallas, Texas, DooHee Lee is a master of disaster. In his spare time, he enjoys Netflix (without the chill), martial arting, and making edible food.