Mitch Masia, CEO/CTO

Mitch leads the Taskloop team. He's a firm believer that technology is a means to some awesome ends. In his free time you can find him launching model rockets. Follow his owls on Instagram @theRealOwliver.

Justin Riele, Founder

A native Californian living in Nashville, Justin led the Taskloop team to their Alpha product launch at Vanderbilt. He loves to ski, mountain bike, travel, and lead his a cappella group, The Melodores — check out his Instagram @jriele.


Will Doran, Lead Designer

William is the beautiful siren of the team, heading up Taskloop's interface design and marketing plans. Always up for some crunchy tunes, grind session, frisbee toss, or video shoot, Will is our local Renaissance man.  Find his portfolio at



Connor Smith, Campus Director

As the Campus Director, Connor is responsible for managing growth and market research at specific campuses. While not furiously grinding away spreading the word, Connor enjoy long walks on the beach, catching some surf, and music festivals.