Why do I need a .edu email address?

Our platform is built to help college students live more efficiently. We require a verifiable .edu email address to make sure our users are college students at our allowed campuses.

What can I use Taskloop for?

Our platform gives you power, and responsibility. Taskloop is meant for helping you with cleaning, laundry, food delivery, homework help, and much more. We DO NOT condone tasks including sex, drugs, alcohol, or ride sharing. See our Terms of Service for more information.

How does Taskloop work?

Users at our allowed campuses can post whatever they need done (nothing illegal, obviously). That post then shows up on your campus taskfeed- a job board for your campus only- and other students can choose to complete it. When someone chooses the complete the task, the poster gets to accept the potential tasker to do their task. Upon completing the task, both parties confirm completion, and we transfer payment automatically.

How do Posters pay for their tasks?

Upon posting a task for the first time, we collect credit card information to charge the Poster. The information is stored by our secure payment processor, and reference it for future tasks.

How do Taskers get paid?

Upon confirming the task is complete, Taskloop transfers payment from the Poster to the Tasker via our secure payment processor.

What if there's an additional cost (like food, etc.)?

Taskers are able to add additional costs they've incurred and attach an image of their receipt. Once that's confirmed by the Poster, they are reimbursed for the cost of the item, plus their wage for completing the task.

What if there's a problem completing the Task?

Once a Poster and Tasker are connected via Taskloop, it is their responsibility to contact each other to make sure the task is completed successfully, and resolve any potential issues. Here at Taskloop, we're running a platform to help college students live more efficiently, not babysit our adult users. Contacting us should be a last resort if users cannot resolve issues themselves; at which point any action taken is fully up to Taskloop's discretion.

Is my money safe?

Yup! Taskloop doesn't see your bank and card information, which is encrypted by WePay so your balance and transactions are safe and sound.  When you want to cash out your earnings, register your bank account with WePay, and you're good to go. We're continuing to do our best to make your Taskloop experience as seamless as possible.